History of Fencing in Jordan

Late (the King Hussein Bin Talal) Play fencing during his studies at Victoria College Alexandria in 1949, and mastered the principles of the game and then continued skills practice in the early fifties and during his studies at the Faculty of “Sandhurst” military in Britain. And in 1955 issued a royal order to enter the game is actually to the armed forces and held its first session of the trainers in the camp management and culture in the Abdali area, which was supervised by the British instructor “Wigner Holland” Britain is one of the heroes in that period.1957 has been participating in the first Jordanian team to duel in the second session of the Arab, which was held in Beirut, an official of the late Abraham made the first silver medal in his first official engagement.

20 March 1983 form the first union official under the chairmanship of Mr. Mohamed Samadi and the directives of His Royal Highness Prince El Hassan bin Talal, Crown Prince at the time, and the decision of the Minister of Youth Dr. Maen Abu Nawar, were brought in France coach, “Michael Byrne” with the assistance of the late Mr. Joseph Summer.Jordanian team took to the duel in many international tournaments, Arabic, and has made many achievements at the hands of players